Springfield Emmaus Community
January 2012  Newsletter


Co-Community Spiritual Director’s Thoughts

Dear Friends,

As we enter 2012 we know that this can be a cruel world filled with anger, hatred, abuse, in other words, with sin. We have all read of the breakdown of society in Iraq , the Christmas bombing of churches in Nigeria , persecution of Christians through out the Middle East . We don’t have to go even as far as Grapevine, Texas to find stories of horror and abuse. Some may be found in our own families.

The truth is that this world is in need of a Savior, a Savior for people all too much like us, at least as we once were.

God sent his only son into the world to die for us because we are all in the same condition – lost and in need of a Savior, this baby in the manger.

God sent Jesus in fulfillment of prophecy.  “But you, Bethlehem Ephrathah, though you are small among the clans of Judah , out of you will come for me one who will be ruler over Israel , whose origins are from of old, from ancient times." (Micah 5:2 NIV)

A thousand miles to the east of Bethlehem , in Iran , People were following a religion known as Zoroastrianism. They believed in one God, the Creator through whom all good comes and who is opposed to the evil and chaos afflicting the world.  They were looking for a savior figure who would bring about a final victory over evil in which the dead would come back to life and creation would be restored. For centuries before Jesus was born, the magi were the priests of this Zoroastrian religion. They were known throughout the Middle East and the Mediterranean world for their studies of nature, mathematics and of the stars. Widely traveled and influential, the magi served as advisers to governments of all description including Babylonia , Greece and Rome . In fact magi came to include more than Zoroastrians. The Jewish prophet Daniel, who lived in Babylon , was a magus and they knew his writings.

So the magi who set out to follow the star would have read such things as: "In my vision at night I looked, and there before me was one like a son of man, coming with the clouds of heaven. He approached the Ancient of Days and was led into his presence. He was given authority, glory and sovereign power; all peoples, nations and men of every language worshiped him. His dominion is an everlasting dominion that will not pass away, and his kingdom is one that will never be destroyed.” (Dan 7:13-14)

It was this yearning to see God’s purposes fulfilled that raised the Magi’s eyes to the heavens to see the light of this star. Following the star, they may have been pagans but they were pagans after God’s own heart. Abraham traveled in the same direction for the same reason. Abraham was a pagan – he worshiped other gods in the land of Ur . But then he heard God’s voice and followed God’s promise.

The light directed the steps of the magi but the longing in their souls drew them on over the desert sands till they came to Jerusalem seeking this new king, perhaps even this savior who would come to win this final victory.

In the beginning of Matthew the coming of the magi reveals to us both God’s concern for all people and the universal hunger in the human heart for the salvation of God. Then at the end the Gospel is completed when Jesus at his ascension commands all of his followers: “Go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age." (Matt 28:19-20)

In this New Year may the same light of God that led the magi over the desert to the manger lead us on in our journey with Jesus. We can see all around us signs that this world is much in need of a Savior. May we pray and work to reach those who are seeking Christ. Even the most unlikely and unlikable people are searching for Christ. The brokenness of their lives reveals their need.

Our hearts’ desire for Emmaus in this next year will be to bring more and more people close to Jesus.  They are all around you – among your co-workers, your family, your friends, your neighbors. Invite JUST ONE to become a pilgrim on an Emmaus Walk this next year or to a gathering or to a share group.

No one knows how many wise men came to the manger to present the three gifts to Jesus but we do know this – if we follow his command to make disciples we will be among them.


Your Co-community Spiritual Director,

Bill Kelley




A Message From Your Community Lay Director

I hope that everyone had a great Christmas and a happy new year. This is a time of the year to look back at the past year and to look forward into the new year. Springfield Emmaus has somewhat struggled this past year. There were times when we thought we may not have enough pilgrims to have a weekend and actually considered whether we should reduce the number of walks we have each year. I want to thank everyone that sponsored a pilgrim last year and most of all thank God for all he has done for our community and pilgrims. On these five weekends, we had a total of 154 pilgrims! That is exciting especially when you think about who all is impacted by one person going on an Emmaus Weekend. It does not just impact the pilgrim, bringing them closer to Christ, giving them tools to go out and be disciples, but give them as close of an idea as we can here as to how much God truly loves them. For each pilgrim, at least ten people are impacted from their going on a weekend. It will impact their family, their church family, friends, co-workers, even people they run into at the grocery, the list could go on and on. Our community is well over 3000 now, which is great. But we are still struggling to get applications for both men and women. I would like to re-issue a challenge that was given to us some time ago. Please pray, then write down two names of friends or family that you would like to sponsor. Keep these names in your purse, wallet, Bible…..somewhere where you will be constantly reminded to pray for them. If everyone in the community sponsored just one person every other year…….we would need to have 42 walks a year!!! God has equipped us and our community to serve and show how much He loves us all, we just need pilgrims. While we do want to see a flood of applications, please do not take being a sponsor lightly. This is a GREAT responsibility. Not just for the weeks before and the days of the weekend, but for the days, months and years after the weekend. I am looking forward to serving with everyone in 2012!!!

God Bless,

Rick Clark


OOD NEWS FOR OHIO VETERANS:  Ohio Veterans can get an “Armed Forces” designation stamped on their driver’s license or state ID the next time they renew/update their driver’s license.  The stamp, placed on the lower right of the license or ID, provides veterans with recognition of their military service.  The stamp is provided at no additional cost, but normal driver’s license fees still apply.  One of the advantages of this program is that the special labeled license may be honored by Ohio merchants who give military members or veterans a discount.  Whether a discount is granted, however, is solely dependent upon each individual retailer’s policy.  To be eligible to receive the stamp, at no extra cost, veterans must provide to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles a copy of their DD 214 or DD 215 when they renew their driver’s license.  Other forms of identification acceptable are a VA ID, a current military ID, a leave and earnings statement, or a copy of orders.  The minimal time and effort expended to obtain the “Armed Forces” stamp could add up to real money saved next time they shop.  – Adapted from MOAA





Women’s Walk # 64Team Members


“For God did not give us a spirit of timidity, but a spirit of power, of love, and of self-discipline.”  
(2 Timothy 1:7)


 Alison Nosker



 Esther Manuel



 Debbie Mefford - Priorities

 Cora Marsenburg  -  Grow Through Study

 Cheryl Jurkat - Fourth Day 


 Dee Moore

  Nancy Miller Ernst

  Elaina Speas



 Mary Lu Moss - MD

 Lori Datko - AMD


Mallory Cheeseman - Priesthood of All Believers

Betty Smith - Life of Piety

Judy Spanel - Christian Action

Amy Lauber - Discipleship

Becky Frantz - Changing Our World

Yolanda Bell - Body of Christ

Shari Goheen -Fourth Day Example


Barb Cremeans

Bette Brown

Cindy Lester

Joni Nettleingham

Karen Newton

Pat Bass

Kristen Wendell


The Upper Room of the United Methodist is the parent organization of the Walk to Emmaus.  Each year the Springfield Area Emmaus Board of Directors is required to sign a covenant agreement with the Upper Room to abide by the procedures and guidelines delineated in the Emmaus Handbook and Team Manuals.  Included in the agreement is the requirement to pay an assessment to the Upper Room for each Pilgrim participating in a weekend. The funds are used to pay staff and help subsidize new communities worldwide. The covenant for 2012 raised the assessment for each Pilgrim from $10.00 to $13.00.

Unfortunately, the rise in Pilgrim assessments and mounting food costs have necessitated an increase in the individual’s cost for a weekend for the first time since our original charter. The Board has reluctantly raised the cost for a weekend from $65.00 to $75.00 for each Pilgrim ($25.00 non-refundable with the application and $50.00 due at registration) and to $40.00 for team members. The new cost will be effective for all applications received after January 31, 2012 .

Walk Applications can be found and printed in the Web Site:

Walk Application Front    ~   Walk Application Rear (includes dates and map)


(All dates are tentative until nine months prior to the Walk.)

Women's Walk #64 - February 23-26

Men's Walk #43 - April 26-29

Women's Walk #65 - June 21-24

Men's Walk #44 - September 27-30

Women's Walk #66 - November 8-11

† † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † †


Save GFS coupons for our Purchasers, Jean and Greg Stout.  Coupons will help reduce food preparation costs during the weekends.  Send to Jean Stout, 4982 Graham St , Spfld 45502 , or Greg Stout, 6016 Prairie Rd , Spfld 45502 .





PILGRIM, CHURCH & SPONSOR LIST Springfield Women's Walk #64










Brenda Aldrich


 River Song

 Anna Whetstone

Joyce Amlin


 High Street Methodist

 Larry Lytle

Linda Avery


  Mt. Pilgrim Missionary Baptist

 Verna Reed

Roberta Blosser



 Steve Moltz

Tricia Chesnut


 Grace United Methodist

 Chip Comer

Debbie Cook


  Concord United Methodist

 Emily Cook

Bobbi Cunningham


 Restored Life Ministries

 Bette Brown

Debby Dunsmore



 Betty Jones

Theresa Gibson


 Maiden Lane

 Tricia Blanken

Angie Hackley


  Urbana Nazarene Church

 Karen Boebuck

Shelley Jenkins


  Grace Bible Church

 Barbara Cremeans

Candace Justice


  North Hampton Community

 Keith Justice

Ann Kent



 Melody Leonard

Brenda Lackey



 Anita & Gary Robison

Tonya Lewis


 Greater Life Apostolic

 Rita Chapman

Sharla Marks


 First Christian

 Alicia Marks

Stefanie McHenry


 First Christian

 Terri Rinkoski

Karen Metzger


 Yellow Springs UMC

 Libby Hammond

Linda Mike!


  North Hampton Community

 Rhonda Voorhees

Jacquee Miller


  Lafayette UMC

 Carolyn Peacock

Janelle Mullins


 Fishgate Community

 Tom & Amy Lauber

Kathy Perkins


  Southgate Baptist

 Karen Speas

Anna Ranard



 Geoff & Heidi Ranard

Karen Ressler


  Lafayette UMC

 Carolyn Peacock

Mary Ritchie


 Cross Point Community Church

 Karen Speas

Faith Skidmore


 Yellow Springs UMC

 Nancy Vanderglas

Traci Smoot


  St. John Missionary Baptist

 Dorothy Higginbotham

Valorie Trout



 Sarah McDaniel

Denise William


  St. John Missionary Baptist

 Dorothy Higginbotham

Whitney Woods


 Cornerstone Baptist

 Shelly Clemens/Alicia  Marks

(As of January 10, 2012 )





Hymn Genesis


In the year 1225, a man in Italy 's  Spoleto Valley , was  walking  along a path  which  opened onto a clearing.  There  was a  small  flock of  birds  there so  the  man  decided  to preach them a little sermon. This is, supposedly, his sermon to the little flock:                                                                                 

"My Brother and Sister Birds, you  should  praise the  Lord God, your  creator and always love him. He  gave you  feathers  for clothes,  wings  to  fly  and  all  other  things  you need.  It is God who made your home out of thin, pure air.   Without sewing or reaping, you receive Gods guidance and protection."

After hearing this little sermon, the  birds  took  off  "rejoicing".  This man was so inspired  by  the  birds’ response,  he wrote  the  hymn  “All  Creatures  of our  God  and  King."   The man.............    

St. Francis of Assisi .

De Colores…
Steve Ryman




Hi, we are John and Mary Ahlborn your newsletter “editors.”   We have the privilege of gathering news and information for the good of the community for the monthly newsletter.  It’s a great feeling to be able to inform you of the Pilgrim’s names who are attending the next Walk!  We also encourage all Board members to write articles for the newsletter to tell you how they help ensure everything falls into place for each Walk--so you can read about how to get “involved” too.  We have been around for years serving in several Emmaus communities in any capacity where God needs us.  Some of you may know us as the Christian Clowns, Lashes and SonRise – our alter egos that will live on ‘til we’re clowning in Heaven. We have been in Share Groups since our original walks (1987 and 1988).

We have been members of Grace United Methodist Church for thirty years.  We celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary on June 20, 2011 .  Together we have six children, four grandchildren plus one great grandson and are called “Mom and Dad” by three of the prettiest ladies in Emmaus.

At the present time, John serves the Lord at Grace as Co-Administrator of Ministry Teams, sings in the Chancel Choir, produces videos and is a Lay Speaker.  He is also a member of the Miami Valley District Committee on Ordained Ministry (DCOM).  John (a Viet Nam vet) retired as a pilot from the Air Force in 1981 achieving the rank of Colonel.  He really doesn’t have a favorite ice cream but enjoys banana cream pie.  

Mary serves at Grace as the Financial Team Leader, sings in the choir, and is also on the DCOM. She has been a retired civil servant (USAF) since 2000.   She will never say “no, thank you,” to any flavor ice cream but her very favorite is lemon custard.

When we first married our goal was to live, love, and laugh – it works – try it every day!